Bridal Hair

  Luxurious Bridal Hair

How do you imagine your special day? Do you have your hair up in an elegant updo? Or down framing your face with beautiful curls? The decision is up to you, and the team at Whitney Green Co. is here to make your wedding dreams come true. Not only can we help with your bridal hair on your special day, but our team of experts is also able to help with the hair of your bridal party too. Tell us how you imagine your special day and we will do the rest. Or, if you are unsure, we are always willing to sit through a few trial sessions. We will work with you through different bridal hair styles until you find just the right look for your special day.

Although a wedding is well thought out and planned, we understand that life is not always scheduled to plan. Events pop up, date nights happen, and there are times when you need to have a last minute hairstyle. Our team at Whitney Green Co. has you covered for all of life's little surprises. No matter how short your notice is, we will be able to help you with a last minute hairstyle sure to impress. Whether you simply want to have your hair styled by a professional, or want an elegant updo, our team can help. Don't let spontaneity ruin your confidence. Just because your event is short notice doesn't mean that you shouldn't be able to look and feel great for your special night out on the town.