Natural Hair Stylist Near Me

Get a New Look and Style!

The team at Whitney Green Co. is dedicated to helping men and women feel beautiful. This can take many forms, and our team is passionate about building confidence in our clients. For many, getting a fresh new hair cut is the best way to build confidence. Nothing is better than leaving the salon with a fresh new style and cut, just knowing and feeling that you look great. The team at Whitney Green Co. is experienced with many different hair types and can work with all different textures and thicknesses. Further, we can perform any number of hair cuts and styles, so we are sure to leave you with a beautiful hair cut that you will absolutely love. This is why if you are looking for a natural hair stylist ‘near me’ or a black hair stylist ‘near me’, you can always count on us to deliver the goods

For others, having a new hair style can mean bringing about bright new colors. The team at Whitney Green Co. can help you experiment with new fresh colors, or can help you highlight and dye your hair to your natural hair style. Add trendy highlights or ombre treatments to have a fresh new look and hair style. Or, opt to cover pesky gray and white hairs that seem to populate more and more as we age. Having a great natural hair stylist ‘near me’ that is fluent in the art of hair color is as easy as giving us a call!

We are also well versed in various hair styles. Have your hair professionally styled for a big night out. We can also create several elaborate updos that are perfect for brides on their special day. If you have a particular hair style in mind, be sure to bring a picture. Our expert team is able to recreate several hair cuts and styles in order to find just the right cut and style that enhances your natural beauty and leaves you feeling great.